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    Once again, all actors from my past film projects, start liking & share Movbu Films & the other pages, because your work is posted on the website.

    Be proud of your work, & furthermore it will help to develop other episodes, branding, and attract sponsors...

    Spread the word/links to create the BUZZ, so they can know about you!

    LIKE & start SHARING the  https://www.facebook.com/MovbuFilms/

    "When everyone just hit Like button, the KHARMA will be set into motion for everyone." Think about the positive energy you create, when you just push the button...

    "Will make the vision move to REALITY, the goal is to prepare our original content @ Movbu Films to become the next online diverse Netflix website before the end of 2018"... "The goal has been set, & the time is NOW!"

    We'll begin with this feature film, "Every Dog Has His Day" to be featured our website. In addition submit it, to the Oscar qualifier festivals before the end of this year.

    In addition revise the website, and position it to launch our new internet film stars, as well as their bios, head shots, behind the scenes, Q&A, and etc on the website!

    We're taking this in a whole new direction & I'm so excited to open a doorway to all talented dreamers, who can bring something to the table. This is a teamwork effort from everyone to think positive & be in the NOW.

    "Remember, anything is POSSIBLE when you work hard, together, believe in GOD, & don't ever give up on your passion... Let's all be a part of something creative, ground breaking & positive... "Thank you all :)"


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