The ABC's Of Fundraising...


It’s such an easy fundraising idea and it has helped ABC Fundraising® become one of the top school fundraising companies in the United States.


Several schools use our products to fundraise for end of season banquets as well as Holiday's and acquiring new uniforms. Here is a link to the video for our most profitable fundraiser, Scratch & Help®:

We also have several Order-Taker programs like: Cookie Dough, Gourmet Popcorn, Auntie Anne's Pretzels, Flower Bulbs and Snacks just to name a few. I have videos for those too, and if you are interested here is that video too.

The order-taker forms are FREE too! It is easy to start any of our fundraisers and I would be happy to help your team get started as soon as you are ready. Simply call me and let me know which fundraiser makes the most sense for your group.

I look forward helping your team in their next fundraiser!

Enjoy the Holidays with us

LaDonna Henry SaVone Henry

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ABC Fundraising® Fundraising made Easy


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